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Another, please!

In the early 2000s, there appeared in my junk e-mail a series of messages with wonderful names in the "From" field. They seemed to be two randomly-chosen words, with a middle initial for verisimilitude. I can't remember now whether they were trying to sell me counterfeit watches or herbal health supplements or imaginary college degrees, but I really liked the names. I saved a few of them in a file, and used them as inspiration for pieces of writing, or on occasions when for some reason I wanted to be a different fictional character than I usually am.

Eventually I stopped getting that particular kind of spam. But in a weird way, I missed having those names in my inbox. So I wrote this name generator. I hope you may also find it entertaining.

I am indebted to Alan Beale, who compiled the 12dicts word lists, which I have used as source material for this generator. (I took the liberty of removing some body parts and/or functions from the list I used, but I suspect I missed a few. If you happen to get a random name that seems particularly offensive, I apologize! You may want to contact me so I can edit my word list a bit more.)

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