Typefaces by Vitreous Humor

face, n [OF., fr VL. facia, for L. facies form, shape, face, fr. facere, to make.]
     Print. a The upper or printing surface of a type, plate, etc.
               b The style or cut of type. See TYPE.

font, n. Also fount. [F. fonte, fr. fondre. See FOUND to cast.]
     Print. An assortment of type of one size and style.

These typefaces are available as Windows TTF files only. Click on the name to go to the sample & download page for that face.

My first attempt at fonting. I made this one because I needed something different than Arial and News Gothic.
A handwriting face with a long story attached.
Based on the letters used on cards. Includes spade, diamond, club, and heart characters.

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