Your very own Potions Master.
You can take him to the beach.
He's not so scary if you dress him right.
But if you dress him wrong, he may give you nightmares.

So far, I've made two PDF files of Snape and his clothes.
The first includes the naughty nearly-nude Severus, plus:
• wand
• duelling trousers
• duelling coat
• swimming trunks
• beach ball
• sunglasses
look at a picture or download Basic Snape [91 KB]

The second is a complete outfit for performing Riddikulus on any boggart which may have taken the form of Professor Snape. It consists of:
• Neville's grandmother's green dress (with lace)
• witch hat with stuffed vulture
• large red handbag
• fox-fur scarf
• shoes in several colors to match either dress, hat, or handbag
look at a picture or download Neville's grandmother's dress [396 KB]

You can print out these PDFs (make sure the 'stretch page' and 'shrink page' boxes are NOT checked), and stick them to sheets of flexible, adhesive-backed magnet, available at your local craft store. A clear sealant spray will help prevent the ink from smudging if your hands get all sweaty playing with the hapless Professor.

The inimitable Chronographia von Strangehours has made a bunch more clothing for Snape. You can get it If anyone else out there gets ambitious and makes clothes for Snape, I'd love to see them. Send me an e-mail: mr.velocipede (at) gmail dot com.

DISCLAIMER: Severus Snape belongs to J.K. Rowling. Alan Rickman belongs to himself. The Belvedere Apollo is presumably public domain by now. All vector-pushing was done by Morgen Bell. Oh the shame.