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They Pay You to Do What?
November 2000 Regular followers of my activities will be astonished to hear that I am now Gainfully Employed making advertisements for Pitt TV. Samples and commentary are available if you'd like to see what I've been up to.

Links Update
21 July 2000 A major overhaul & cleanup of my links page. Hopefully they all work now...

More New Fractals
21 July 2000 The last gallery update before the Contest 2000 gets underway. Also, don't miss Greetings from Elsewhere, Mr. Velocipede's source for fractal e-cards and other good stuff.

Fractal Update
13 March 2000 The Fractal Gallery has been substantially revised. Most of the old stuff has been taken away, and three new pages have been added. It's been re-designed a bit too; Brian will probably complain that it's been hipped out.

26 January 2000 A new recipe from the kitchens of Vitreous Humor. I'm still working out the measurements of the ingredients. In the meantime, just be sure to use a Sufficient Quantity.

10 December 1999 Fixed some more broken links. Boy, am I sick of broken links. I bet you are too. Also added a page of fractal snowflakes to my gallery. Haven't even thought about Christmas yet.

Scholarly Pursuits
10 November 99 I'm finally trying to reassemble my web pages, now that midterms are over. This whole back-to-school thing is a drag. Beads are no longer a part of my life, but I have plenty of calculus if you need any.
I suspect that I have some broken links still. Be patient. I'm trying to educate myself for a change, instead of entertaining you, the reader.

The Golden Fernblat
has been awarded to Jen Fabian, 6 August 99. This is the first official presentation of the Award, mainly because not too many pages I've seen qualify. Also because the Fernblat was an inside joke that I forgot about until recently. If there is someone who you feel should be nominated to receive this award, send me an e-mail.

6 July 99 Yahoo! has revised its Terms of Service and they are much improved. However, I hate the thought of moving all my pages back to where they were. I may use my Geocities space for something entirely new...or I may not bother. We shall see. I note in passing that the weather has improved considerably in the last few days.

...And So On
back to October 1998, which is when I first signed up with Geocities and started learning HTML.

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