Where do I go from here?

Fractal Information:
The Fractint Homepage
Iterations et Flarium
Ultra Fractal
Ultra Fractal Resource List
Ultra Fractal Formula Database

Fractal Galleries:
Jim Muth's Fractal of the Day
Paul DeCelle
Peter K
Janet Preslar
Linda Allison
Samuel Monnier
Mark Townsend

The Scriptorium -- Commercial type foundry with some free and shareware stuff.
Jeff Lee's Computer Typography -- JSL Ancient & JSL Blackletter are essential!
Coron's Sources of Fonts -- Runes and various ancient writing.
Emerald City Fontwerks -- Really good free & cheap typefaces. Amazing dingbats, too.
Apostrophic Lab -- Free faces by a bunch of different designers.
Harolds Fonts -- Some historic revivals and some originals.

Various Entertainments:
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents
After Y2K -- A web comic.
Sluggy Freelance -- Another web comic.
The Conversatron -- Go to the Conversatron! Go!! Be entertained, enlightened, perplexed!.
DeClark's Glass Habit -- A page about lampworking.
E-Cards on Mostlyrandom -- Virtual postcards with fractals & random things.

Friends & Relations:
Blather Wodge
The Flangy News
Furda's Realm -- A number of Jason's photographs appear in various forms on my pages.
Strange Hours -- On the darkened stage / Silent figures move about: / The tech crew at work.
Brian's Page -- See Brian's movie on IFilm.com.
Jack Spade -- My infamous brother's web journal.
Look, Bricks! -- Aunty Deluvian's web journal.
Stronghold Wax -- My Uncle Cork's page: temporary adhesives, pitches, and industrial waxes. Just what you were looking for, right?
Legal Advice -- My Uncle Jay's page: estate planning and related areas. Just what you were looking for, right?

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