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This is the part where I talk about myself. I always like to read what other people say about themselves on their web pages, so I thought it was time I gave my visitors something to read about me.

rustic schmustic! I grew up in a log house. Does that mean I get to be President someday? It means I have no patience with rustic charm. The Three Bears Cottage motif gets pretty dark and drafty around January or so. In the summer, we would get people driving by in cars with their heads hanging out the window, gawking at the place. I suppose it is picturesque if you don't have to live in it.

the fine art of spirography I was among the tiny percentage of girls in America who never owned a Barbie doll. Instead, I spent a lot of time playing with a Spirograph and endless pens. I still have a vast collection of writing implements. Office supplies fill me with joy, although I could never imagine myself being happy in an office.

I like to send postcards and letters. I often decorate the envelopes so much that the Postal Service has to put one of those little stickers on so their bar code will show. It's interesting to see what you can actually get away with mailing...I once made an envelope out of mylar just to see if it would get processed. I sent it to a friend of mine who is a big fan of Andy Warhol* and he reported that it arrived with no trouble.

I work with glass. It would perhaps be more accurate to say that I play with glass. I make beads using a propane-oxygen torch. I've done a little glassblowing, but not enough to get good at it.

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Because of my beads, I was once declared the Goddess of Colors and Eyes by someone who was working out his own (rather silly) pantheon of minor deities**.

choker: sterling, nickel silver, lampworked glass my medieval period Sometimes, I even make jewelry out of the beads. Working in metal is slow and tedious compared to glass. I like cold connections and mechanical fasteners--rivets, chains, hinges, etc. I love the patterns of such things as chain mail. I've made some as jewelry, but never a whole suit of armor. I got to try one on at a Renaissance fair, though.

I read a lot but rarely watch television. Reading is quieter and more portable.

drinking tea, Thanksgiving 1997 I have worked backstage at a number of theaters, mostly doing things like push road cases in and out of trucks, but sometimes running follow-spot or rubber-stamping newspapers so they have the right headlines. My favorite part of theater is lighting design. I like being backstage, in spite of how cynical I am about it.

I drink black coffee in the morning and green tea at night.

I was completely computer-illiterate until October 1998, when my well-meaning family decided it was time for me to join the mainstream and put my beads on the Internet. Since acquiring the computer, I've devoted huge amounts of time to learning HTML and playing with fractals, and sadly neglecting my beads. Maybe now that I have some bead pictures up, my family will feel better.

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*When in Pittsburgh, visit the Andy Warhol Museum. The Silver Cloud Room is truly wonderful.
**Another friend of ours got to be the God of Beards and Beer.