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Healthy Ball
Healthy Ball is a traditional product of Baoding, famous throughout China and the world. Being produced in the Ming Dynasty, the Ball has had a long historical record. At that time, the Ball was solid, which has been used to improve the physique, such as to limber up the joints. It has also been used by some as a tool for self-defence. The Ball remained solid till the Qing Dynasty, when it was fashioned out with an empty core with two sound boards of different pitches.
Healthy Ball was first sold as a plaything, which enjoyed wide popularity on the home markets. Later on, through practice the Ball was universally acknowledged by the medical circle as a kind of medical apparatus. The function of the Ball is to stimulate blood circulation, to relax the muscles and the joints. It is also used for the prevention and cure of numbness and tremling of the hands, arthritis of the fingers and wrists, and hypertension. Long exercises with the Ball can adjust the nerve centre, benefit the brain, improve the memory, help get over mental fatigue, and prolong one's life.
Method: Hold two Balls in the hand. Move them with the five fingers clockwise or counter clockwise. After being able to play with skill you can as well have three or four Balls at a time.
Maintenance: After using the Balla rub them with deerskin, soft cloth or wheat bran. Store in dry place. Keep away from clamp and water
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